London Studio 2

Description :

61 sq. mt. studio.

15 sq. mt. gallery control room.

3 x Sony HSC 100R cameras with professional CCU.

3 x Pedestal tripods with Robotic head.

2 x Auto-Q system.

LED studio lightning controlled by DMX-512 lightning console.

Ceiling studio Lightning grid (Dynamic).

Digital Audio Mixer.

5 x wireless Neck microphone.

2 in ear monitor.

Generator and UPS electricity.

61sq mt studio area

LED studio lightning controlled by DMX-512 lightning console

Ceiling studio Lightning grid (Dynamic)

3 x Sony HSC 100R cameras with professional CCU

Generator and UPS electricity

Digital Audio Mixer

This studio are suitable for a wide range of creative endeavors and productions, including:

Television Broadcasting

Equipped with professional-grade Sony HSC 100R cameras, CCU, robotic tripod heads, and digital audio mixers, these studios are ideal for live TV broadcasts, talk shows, news programs, and interviews.

Film Production

The versatile setups and high-quality equipment make these studios perfect for filming commercials, short films, documentaries, and feature-length movies.


Adjustable LED studio lighting controlled by DMX-512 lighting consoles allows for precise lighting conditions, making the studios ideal for photography sessions, fashion shoots, and product photography.

Live Events and Performances

Wireless neck microphones, in-ear monitors, and a dynamic audio mixer make these studios well-suited for hosting live events, concerts, and performances with clear, crisp audio quality.

Virtual Events and Streaming

These studios are perfect for producing high-quality virtual conferences, webinars, and live streams, leveraging professional equipment and reliable power backup systems.

What To Shoot Here

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    Vision Studios, Kendal Avenue, London W3 0XA

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