Our TV & Production studios in Istanbul

Our Studios In Istanbul

This studio is used for Direct-To-Link (DTL)

This studio is suitable for television and film production, live streaming, online video content creation, photography, broadcasting, podcasting, and virtual events. It offers a fully-equipped space with professional-grade cameras, lighting, audio equipment, and advanced technology for a wide range of multimedia production needs.

This studio is equipped for various multimedia productions, including film shoots, broadcasts, and live events. It features high-quality cameras, lighting, audio equipment, and a control room for monitoring. With a spacious shooting area, LED screen backdrop, and versatile lighting options, it offers flexibility for different creative needs.

This studio is ideal for photography, videography, art creation, dance practice, or hosting workshops. In addition to ability of customizing lighting setups for various shoots, special effects, and ambiance control.

In this studio, you can create various types of content including live broadcasts, podcasts, music recordings, videos for promotions or education, virtual events, product demonstrations, and photography sessions. The professional equipment allows for high-quality production across different media formats.

This studio offers endless possibilities for creative endeavours. From producing commercial videos and hosting live broadcasts to conducting photo shoots and offering podcasting facilities, the studio serves as a versatile hub for content creation and professional ventures.

It is ideal for diverse purposes such as film production, live streaming, virtual events, photography sessions, podcast recording, educational videos, art exhibitions, product demonstrations, and event space rental. Its versatility and high-quality setup cater to a wide range of creative and professional endeavors.

This studio is a versatile space perfect for film and TV production, live broadcasting, photography, virtual events, podcasts, and educational content creation. With advanced technology, flexible design, and aesthetic appeal, it caters to a wide range of multimedia production needs.

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